the 1:1 life coaching journey to take you beyond fixing yourself... and into knowing yourself.


Overcome outdated patterns, release your self-critic and step into self-knowing through gentle inquiry and Integrative Self-Exploration. 

The narrative out there in the wild world of self-development and wellness is based on fixing what is wrong with you, and releasing all of your "blocks."

I have found that this approach doesn't work so well. We step onto this path to expand into our highest potential for love, joy, and presence... but we end up becoming stuck in a never-ending hamster wheel of healing more, learning more, and doing more. 

There's another way. The original way... the way discovered by the ancient yogis and seekers pf thousands of years ago... the art of self-exploration without agenda. 

This is Self-Exploration. Gentle, curious and powerful self-inquiry into our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions, and non-actions. This style of work is both deep, intense, and fun, surprising and liberating... it's a journey into you. 


know thyself

self-awareness to take you beyond fixing yourself into freeing yourself.

I am an integrative coaching practitioner, meaning when I work with clients, I like to look at the WHOLE picture of what they are experiencing. I also try to look beneath the surface (words, thoughts, concepts) into the deeper underlying structures (subconscious identities, core beliefs, somatic imprints) of the “symptoms” the client is experiencing. I do this through multiple coaching and somatic techniques including powerful questioning, emotional tools such as EFT and Metaphorical Analysis, and subconscious awareness tools from NLP and identity work.

An important thing to note about integrative coaching (and ALL coaching, ideally) is that I am not attempting to “heal” you. I actually do not do anything TO you! In our coaching relationship, I will work with you to excavate your own wisdom, understanding, realizations, and resulting perspective shifts from within you. We will extract new ways of viewing yourself, your life, your possibilities and your potential next steps to create innovative ways forward in your life. This style of work is both deep, intense, and fun, surprising and liberating.  


the reveal program







focuses on narrowing down the areas of life or priority focuses during the program. This month involves identifying, excavating, and shining light on the underlying identities, beliefs, scripts, and programs creating the “symptoms” or external experience. This is our discovery phase where we uncover the deeper programming and belief systems you're running on, the roots of your significant and disempowering emotions, and more. 

focuses on Change Work. This is the techniques & tools we use to create a gentle shift in perception, awareness, understanding, and emotion surrounding the identified focus for the program. We may utilize any of the various Change Work modalities I am trained in, including EFT, Metaphorical Analysis,  Identity Rescripting, Timeline Regression, and more. This is where the magic happens and we begin to unwind, reframe, and integrate the disempowering programs that you’ve been running in your life keeping you from living a life of peace, clarity, and joy. 

focuses on locking in your new perspectives, intentions, beliefs and behaviors. This is the future-casting piece of the work where we will create a plan to embody the new knowledge and calibrate to the shifts you have created. This will also be when we co-create your actions, habits, and practices going forward after the conclusion of the container. 

3 signature phases.
lasting + sustainable shifts.

REVEAL program is a coaching immersion. We will comprehensively audit your current reality, thoughts, feelings, blocks, and dominant emotions from the get go. This creates a clear picture of what we will GENTLY SHIFT + REFRAME. We will narrow down to one to three main points of focus for TIME together. POINTS OF FOCUS MAY INCLUDE:

A feeling, belief, or emotional pattern you’re ready to lovingly release

A specific goal or vision you’d like to bring into reality

A safe space to explore what it even is you want to work on

(4) 75 MINUTE CALLS per month

what's included





I was able to gain extreme clarity of ways I was in my own way of moving forward with my goals...

Cat is an amazingly effective coach in helping me remove my own overwhelm - especially as a manifesting generator that has so many ideas swirling constantly that it can detract from my own focus. Because of our session, I was able to create order and actionable steps to finish my coaching offer without the overwhelm. I was able to gain extreme clarity on ways I was in my own way of moving forward with my goals. Thank you so much, Cat!!

- Michelle S.